Building a brighter future for Belize is the mission of Michael Feinstein and the dynamic group of companies he has created. Out of his passion and love for his native country, and his desire to see her prosper, Feinstein, his family and his associates have dedicated themselves to creating greater economic vitality through sweeping initiatives aimed at improving the tourism experience in Belize.

From founding the now-thriving cruise tourism industry and developing the world class resort, retail and entertainment infrastructure to support it, to real estate investment, security, importing and agriculture, Feinstein’s commitment to his mission has been innovative, ground-breaking, and comprehensive. The Feinstein Group of Companies is a diverse community of businesses and projects proud of its accomplishments, eager for the challenges of the future and honored to call Belize home.

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  • Message from the Chairman – Learn more about our visionary leader, his passion and his formula for success as he shares his journey from dream to reality.
  • History – Find a retrospective of The Feinstein Group of Companies’ early achievements such as the first-of-its-kind Fort Street Tourism Village, stand on the cutting edge of the present Ocean View Grand project and catch a glimpse into the future plans for enhancing Blackbird Caye Resort.
  • Company Profile – Find out more about The Feinstein Group’s dreams, goals and interests.